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Web Design & Development Using PHP/ Laravel This course is very useful to all web programming guys to get everything in a one platform to make them professional on their career line with latest version of Bootstrap, WordPress and Laravel. WHO CAN JOIN: Basic Knowledge of Computer and Microsoft office.

HTML Tags, Attributes, Elements, Comments, Head, Body, Section, Div, Header, Footer, Page Title, Headings, Paragraphs, Hyperlinks, Lists, Images, Tables & Form Making

Types of Style Sheets, CSS Selectors, Properties, Values, Backgrounds, Colors, Text Styling & Formatting, Borders, Margins, Paddings, Outlines, Pixels, Percentages, Points, Em, Block & Inline Elements, Float & Clear, CSS Positioning, Text Effects, ID & Class Selectors, Layers, Pseudo Classes, Pseudo Elements, Media Types, Layouts

About jQuery, Syntax, Selectors, Attributes, Traversing, CSS, Events, Effects Making jQuery Scroll top with animation

What is Bootstrap How to use it Starting to make a Personal Portfolio webpage Bootstrap Basic Template

Bootstrap Grid system Typography, Tables, Forms, Bootstrap Navs, Navbar, Scrollspy, modal, Breadcrumbs, Pagination, Labels, Badges, Alerts Bootstrap Display, Flex, Float, Shadow, sizing, spacing, vertical Align

Overview of back-end development Overview of front-end development Why use Database What is development environment Setup development environment Run PHP code

Basic syntax PHP naming convention Variables Super global variables Operators Conditional statement Control Statements Arrays Build-in functions

PHP Class Objects Property Methods Constructor Destructor Class autoload Composer Namespace

Access modifier Inheritance Polymorphism Problem solving

Introduce with database Mysql overview Database engine Create mysql database Connect with mysql database using php Write test query Close mysql connection

Insert data into database Read data from database Update data into database Delete data from database

Understanding the concept of a framework. Understanding the concept of laravel design pattern (MVC) Laravel routing Middleware Laravel blade template engine Laravel templating Artisan command

Laravel Migration Inserting data using Query builder Updating data using Query Builder Deleting data using Query Builder Select data using Query Builder Inserting data using ORM Updating data using ORM Deleting data using ORM Select data using ORM

One To One One To Many One To Many (Inverse) / Belongs To Has One Through Has Many Through

User login User registration Login with username or email Register with username or email Logout

Design form Add form data to database Update form data

Upload file/image List all uploads Update file/image Delete file/image

Validate request data(required, unique, etc..) Try catch handling Log writing Error page handling Show success / Failure message Create data seeder Seed data

Manage categories Manage products Manage orders Develop api

Javascript overview jQuery overview jQuery development environment setup Run jQuery with laravel

jQuery template jQuery bindings jQuery omponents jQuery routing jQuery dev tools

Module-28 & 29 A Professional Project A basic e-commerce app that gives a clear concept of how an e-commerce application is working. A Professional Project A basic e-commerce app that gives a clear concept of how an e-commerce application is working.

1.Web Design Project 2. PHP Project 3.Laravel

Md Shahin Alom & Saidul Isslam Uzzol

Web Design &Development Trainer