Graphic Design

The main purpose here is to make you able to use the graphic design tools and techniques in a professional way. Graphic Design helps to build the brand identity of a company. Thus it needs to be conceptual and unique to represent a company, brand or any kind of products or services. The module is designed to cover all aspects of Graphic Design and it is mostly helpful for a fresher who can start afresh. To know more about the module, take a look in the highlights of the module and get insights of how we are conducting the course.

Why graphics Design is needed?. Future of Graphics Design. Career of Graphics Designer. Earning opportunities. Software Installations.

Why we will learn Illustrator? Where we will use Adobe Illustrator? Artboards. Navigations. Working with vectors. User Interface. Settings of Illustrator.

User Interface. Working with Brushes, Text, Text on a path. Appearance panel. Gradients. Grouping, Shape building, Layers, Rotate and scale. Edit path and pen tool.

Working with objects. Using brushes. Working with images. Advance Techniques of illustrator.

Business card design. Vector design. Logo Design. Banner design. Book design. Poster design. Flyer Design.

What is adobe photoshop? Why we use adobe photoshop in design? Why learn photoshop?

Working with images. User interface. Cropping images. Image sizes and resolution. Color modes. Working with layers. Photoshop drawing.

Working with grid. Transformations. Selection & complex selection project. Advance selection techniques. Masking, Pixel Masks, Vector Masks. Working with objects (Smart, Vector, Linked objects). Working with text.

Saving the design. Wireframe design. UI Design. Mockup design. Portfolio design. PSD Template design. ICON Design.

Visiting Card, Post Card. Logo Design. Poster Design, Flyer Design. Book Layout, E-Book Design. Web Banner Design, Web Icon Design. Digital Banner Design. Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest Banner Design.


Graphic Designer