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Turn Your Passion into an Artistic Profession

Professional Web Design & Development Specialist

  • Duration3 Month
  • Lectures28
  • Hours72+

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Course Overview

Join our Web Design and Development Course tailored for Fiverr Marketplace and Freelancing. Learn essential skills to create stunning websites and kickstart your online career today. Are you eager to become a successful web designer and developer in the competitive world of Fiverr Marketplace and freelancing? Look no further! Our comprehensive Web Design and Development Course is designed to equip you with the necessary skills to excel in these platforms and stand out from the crowd.. 

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Course Fee

BDT 10500

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Course Curriculum

  • Module 1: Photoshop

    • Basic knowledge of Photoshop
    • Tools overview
    • Image editing
    • Retouching Techniques
    • Filtrating & Drawings
    • Layer Management
    • Using Presets
    • Typography

    Module 2: HTML

    • Introduction to HTML
    • Which IDE to use and how to use IDE for HTML, CSS and PHP, Basic ideas on IDE tools and menu.
    • Ideas on HTML Attributes and Tags, how and where to use which attributes and tags. Showing Common mistakes on tag placements.
    • HTML headings, paragraph, anchor, image, inline elements, block elements overview, usages and placements.
    • HTML Form elements, input, select, textarea, radio box, checkbox, buttons elements overview, usages and placements.

    Module 3: HTML & HTML 5   

    • HTML lists, tables, quote, frames, fieldset,iframe elements overview, usages and placements.
    • Introduction to HTML5 and overview on difference from HTML.
    • HTML5 elements overview, usages and placements.
    • HTML5 media, video, audio elements overview, usages and placements.
    • HTML5 Canvas, SVG and Media elements overview, usages and placements.

    Module 4: Cascade Style Sheets (CSS)

    • Introduction to CSS, what is CSS and how and where to use it.
    • Relationship with HTML & HTML5. How CSS will work with HTML & HTML5.
    • What is Inline CSS, where to write it, precedence & priority of Inline CSS.
    • What isInternal CSS, where to write it, precedence & priority of InternalCSS.
    • What is External CSS, where to write it, precedence & priority of External CSS.
    • What is CSS overriding, how and where it takes places.
    • CSS syntax, Classes & IDs, Floating, Positioning and overflow.
    • CSS use of fonts, from where and how to get fonts and how to use those.
    • CSS use of colors, Margins, Paddings, Borders, width and height, alignments and opacity.
    • CSS for block, inline and inline-block, display, display-table and visibility properties of HTML elements.

    Module 5: CSS3

    • Introduction to CSS3, Difference between CSS and CSS3, and extra benefits of using CSS3.
    • CSS3 use of texts, fonts, shadows and gradients.
    • CSS3 use of backgrounds, border images and rounded corners elements.
    • CSS3 making cool visual with use of transitions and animations.
    • CSS3 making cool visual with use of 2D and 3D transforms.
    • CSS3 Box sizing and Flex box features and use of these.
    • Use of Cross Browser CSS hacksto show HTML view same on different browsers.

    Module 6: HTML & HTML 5   

    • Creating HTML & HTML 5 pages practically using CSS/CSS3 and project assignment.

    Module 7: PSD to HTML Conversion 

    • Learn what is PSD slicing, how to slice PSD to convert to HTML files.
    • Work with PSD layers to convert each layers to single HTML file.
    • Convert PSD design to fixed width HTML with pixel perfect calculation.

    Module 8: PSD to HTML Conversion

    • Practical and Project Assignments on PSD to fixed width HTML.

    Module 9: PSD to HTML Conversion

    • Introduction to responsive HTML, where and when to use it and benefits of making responsive HTML.
    • Introduction to Media Query, media query syntax, how to use media query to make a HTML file to responsive.

    Module 10: PSD to HTML Conversion

    • Practical and Project Assignments on PSD to responsive HTML using Media Query

    Module 11: PSD to HTML Conversion

    • Introduction to percentage based element displaying, positioning and alignments. How percentage features will make a HTML responsive.

    Module 12: PSD to HTML Conversion

    • Practical and Project Assignments on PSD to Responsive HTML using both media query and percentage.

    Module 13: JAVASCRIPT        

    • Introduction to Javascript, what is client side scripting, what is the benefits of using Javascript.
    • Where to write scripts, internal and external Javascript placements.
    • Javascript syntax, common syntax as global programming languages.
    • Javascript data types, creating variables and variable scopes.
    • Javascript integer, string, array and object variables, initializations and usages,

    Module 14: JAVASCRIPT

    • Javascript use of operators, arithmetic and assignments.
    • Javascript using functions, parameters and return types.
    • Javascript built in functions and methods and usages.
    • Javascript use of Math, Date, Array and String methods.
    • Javascript use of conditions, loops and break.
    • JavaScript examples and assignments.

    Module 15: JQUERY

    • Introduction to jQuery, benefits of using jQuery library than to use raw Javascript.
    • jQuery syntax and how to write code in jQuery.
    • What is DOM elements, how to jQuery to traversing DOM element easily, necessity for element traversing. Make use to element traversing functions and most common usages.
    • Using jQueryto handle and control DOM elements CSS to change element behavior in client side.

    Module 16: JQUERY

    • How to use jQueryeffects and animationsto show nice effects in client side. Get used to built in animation/effect functions and make new custom effects.
    • What is jQuery plugins, where to get these and how and why to use these.

    Module 17: JQUERY

    • Practical and Project Assignments for making some small animations with element traversing options.

    Module 18: BOOTSTRAP

    • Introduction to Bootstrap, what are the benefits to use Bootstrap.
    • Knowing Bootstrap features, grids and measurements, use of Form elements, lists and panels.
    • Bootstrap use of popup, modal, tooltips, navigations and carousel,
    • PSD to bootstrap HTML conversion using bootstrap features.
    • Customizing Bootstrap attributes and necessity for this.

    Module 19: BOOTSTRAP

    • Practical and Project Assignment on PSD to bootstrap HTML conversion.

    Module 20: PHP

    • Introduction to PHP, what is server side scripting, how it works in websites. What are the common factors of PHP with other programming languages like C.
    • Downloading and Installing latest version of XAMPP server and run a simple PHP script.
    • PHP Syntax, use of Data types, variables & operators. Precedence of operators.
    • PHP use of Conditions, Switch, Loops and break.

    Module 21: PHP

    • PHP using custom functions, parameters and return types.
    • PHP use of built in functions and usages. Use of Array, String & Date functions.
    • What is regular expression (Regex), where to use Regex, how to write Regex, benefits of using Regex. Basic ideas on PHP Regex functions.
    • PHP Form handling, understanding the form action, method and types. Brief idea on Form elements with examples and usages.
    • PHP File Handling, why to handle files and what are the purposes, Basic ideas on built-in File handling functions.

    Module 22: PHP

    • Introduction to Cookie and Session, understanding the difference and when to use which. Importance of Cookie and Session in web based solutions. Practical examples of Cookie and Session variables and functions.
    • Short brief and basic ideas on other important PHP built-in functions.

    Module 23: PHP

    • Project Assignment for creating multiple page basic PHP application.

    Module 24: SQL

    • Introduction to database and SQL, when and why to use database and how SQL language works with database.
    • Basic ideas and example of SQL statements.
    • Introduction to database tables, SQL to create and alter database table structures. Ideas on Primary, Foreign and Unique keys and other constraints.
    • SQL queries for data read, write and delete. Ideas on SELECT, INSERT, DELETE AND UPDATE statements.
    • Ideas on SQL conditions and operators, how and when to use these.
    • How to sort and limit data, Basic ideas on ORDER BY and LIMIT keywords.

    Module 25: SQL

    • Ideas on SQL joining, type of joining and their appropriate usages. Difference between different JOINING Keywords.
    • What is data grouping, How to use GROUP BY and HAVING keywords, what are the benefits. What are SQL built-in functions, usages of aggregate functions.

    Module 26: MYSQL

    • Introduction to MYSQL and PHPMYADMIN. Basic ideas on phpmyadmin interface, how to create database and execute SQL queries
    • Connect MYSQL with PHP, basic ideas on MYSQL built-in functions of PHP.
    • MYSQL Database operations using PHP, sample examples how PHP functions work wih MYSQL database. 17
    • Practical and Project assignment to create Database Project with raw PHP with usages of MYSQL functions and SQL queries.

    Module 27: MYSQLi

    • Basic idea on MYSQLi, differences between MYSQL and MYSQLi and benefits of using MYSQLi.
    • Convert previous MYSQL project to MYSQLi.

This Course is Designed for

Anyone interested to learn freelancing

Anyone interested to learn freelancing

Job seekers

Job seekers





Anyone interested to learn Graphics Design

Anyone interested to learn Graphics Design



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