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Turn Your Passion into an Artistic Profession

Digital Marketing With Freelancing Course

  • Duration3 Month
  • Lectures28
  • Hours64+

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Course Overview

Welcome to our Kaizen IT Training Institute in Bangladesh, where we offer an extensive and comprehensive Digital Marketing Course designed to empower individuals and businesses with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the modern online landscape.. 

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Course Fee

BDT 8900

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Course Curriculum

  • Module 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing

    • Overview of digital marketing landscape
    • Evolution and importance of digital marketing
    • Digital marketing strategies and channels

    Module 2: Understanding the Digital Consumer

    • Buyer personas and customer journey mapping
    • Consumer behavior in digital environments
    • Analyzing trends and insights

    Module 3: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    • Fundamentals of SEO
    • On-page and off-page optimization techniques
    • Keyword research and content optimization

    Module 4: Content Marketing

    • Content strategy development
    • Creating engaging and valuable content
    • Content distribution and promotion strategies

    Module 5: Social Media Marketing (SMM)

    • Introduction to social media platforms
    • Creating and optimizing social media profiles
    • Social media content creation and scheduling

    Module 6: Paid Advertising

    • Introduction to online advertising platforms
    • Google Ads and Facebook Ads fundamentals
    • Budgeting, targeting, and bidding strategies

    Module 7: Email Marketing

    • Building an email list and segmentation
    • Designing effective email campaigns
    • Email automation and analytics

    Module 8: Influencer Marketing

    • Understanding influencer marketing
    • Identifying and partnering with influencers
    • Measuring the effectiveness of influencer campaigns

    Module 9: Affiliate Marketing

    • Introduction to affiliate marketing
    • Setting up affiliate programs
    • Managing affiliate relationships and tracking performance

    Module 10: Video Marketing

    • Importance of video content in marketing
    • Creating and optimizing video content
    • Video distribution and promotion strategies

    Module 11: Mobile Marketing

    • Mobile marketing trends and statistics
    • Creating mobile-friendly websites and ads
    • SMS marketing and mobile app marketing

    Module 12: Website Analytics

    • Introduction to web analytics tools
    • Setting up Google Analytics
    • Analyzing website traffic and user behavior

    Module 13: Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

    • Understanding conversion funnels
    • A/B testing and optimization techniques
    • Improving website usability and user experience

    Module 14: Marketing Automation

    • Introduction to marketing automation tools
    • Creating automated workflows and sequences
    • Lead nurturing and customer relationship management (CRM)

    Module 15: Growth Hacking

    • Growth hacking principles and strategies
    • Building viral loops and referral programs
    • Case studies of successful growth hacking campaigns

    Module 16: Local Marketing

    • Importance of local SEO and listings
    • Google My Business optimization
    • Local advertising and community engagement

    Module 17: Online Reputation Management (ORM)

    • Understanding online reputation and its impact
    • Monitoring and managing online reviews
    • Strategies for responding to negative feedback

    Module 18: E-commerce Marketing

    • E-commerce trends and statistics
    • Creating effective product listings
    • Cart abandonment recovery strategies

    Module 19: International Marketing

    • Expanding into international markets
    • Localization and cultural considerations
    • International SEO and advertising strategies

    Module 20: Data Privacy and Compliance

    • Overview of data privacy regulations (e.g., GDPR, CCPA)
    • Ensuring compliance in digital marketing activities
    • Data protection best practices

    Module 21: Marketing Ethics and Responsibility

    • Ethical considerations in digital marketing
    • Transparency and honesty in advertising
    • Social responsibility and sustainability

    Module 22: Digital Marketing Strategy Development

    • Creating a comprehensive digital marketing plan
    • Setting SMART goals and KPIs
    • Budget allocation and resource planning

    Module 23: Agile Marketing

    • Introduction to agile marketing methodology
    • Agile principles and practices
    • Implementing agile frameworks in digital marketing

    Module 24: Branding and Positioning

    • Understanding brand identity and brand positioning
    • Branding strategies for digital channels
    • Brand management and brand equity

    Module 25: Crisis Management in Digital Marketing

    • Identifying and mitigating digital marketing crises
    • Crisis communication strategies
    • Rebuilding trust and reputation after a crisis

    Module 26: Emerging Trends in Digital Marketing

    • Exploring emerging technologies (e.g., AI, VR) in marketing
    • Predicting future trends and disruptions
    • Adapting to the changing digital landscape

    Module 27: Case Studies and Best Practices

    • Analysis of successful digital marketing campaigns
    • Learning from industry leaders and innovators
    • Implementing best practices in digital marketing strategies

    Module 28: Final Project: Digital Marketing Campaign

    • Planning and executing a comprehensive digital marketing campaign
    • Applying all learned concepts and strategies
    • Presentation and evaluation of the final project

This Course is Designed for

Anyone interested to learn freelancing

Anyone interested to learn freelancing

Job seekers

Job seekers





Anyone interested to learn Graphics Design

Anyone interested to learn Graphics Design



Exclusive Solutions That Set Us Apart

Online Live Batch

Online Live Batch

Do you live abroad or prefer a remote learning process? We have launched online batches with all the offline facilities so that you can keep up with the technical advancement of today’s world. Now you can enroll in any course from anywhere, at any time.

Review Class

Review Class

Do you face difficulty when you review the previous concepts? To ensure the best learning outcome, we arrange review classes that help our students overcome any problem in their skill development process. You will be able to understand the topics that you find complex under the close supervision of our skilled mentors.

Lifetime Support

Lifetime Support

Kaizen IT and its students share a lifetime bond. We strengthen our bond with you by providing lifelong support that helps you overcome any problem in your career path even after completing your course. Our expert support team ensures 24 hours service to all of our students. The personalized feedback that you receive from us, helps you grow, every day.

Practice lab support

Practice lab support

We offer our students practice lab support so that they can complete their courseworks feasibly at any time. The uninterrupted learning environment that we ensure, helps the student gather practical knowledge in an efficient manner.

Class Videos

Class Videos

No need to worry if you miss a topic in the class. We record most of our classes so that students who miss a session can still get the information they need. They can watch the videos again and again until they understand the topic thoroughly. Our motto is to provide you a flexible learning experience to gradually improve your competence.

Career Placement Support

Career Placement Support

Our career placement department is ready to help you find a lucrative job. We ensure your resume gets into the hands of the right hiring manager.  So far this department has helped more than 16000 students to find jobs in competitive global platforms. Promising a better future, we have successfully raised the job placement rate to 66% in 2023.

Virtual Internship

Virtual Internship

Without in-hand experience, no one can be competent in any skill. Practical work experience is a must have for better career opportunities. KIT offers its students virtual internship opportunities, where they can work under the supervision of industry experts. The online internships qualify to be as effective as offline work experience. Hence, you can also complete our internship at our office.